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Waiting has never been
this fun

Provide your sponsors with unparalleled visibility.

We know that guest experience is among your top priorities.

We also know that your sponsors seek marked presence and direct communication with your audience.

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That’s where our cutting edge Waiterz mobile app comes in!

Provide your guests with a brand new way to enjoy their family activity while they wait, and grant outstanding visibility to your sponsors by the same token!

How it works 

Gathered around one phone, participants are immersed in a variety of captivating games. Ranging from multiplayer fun to thrilling individual challenges, each participant can earn points for themselves and their team.


Psst! Our games are designed to make people want to come back and earn even more points. Carefully integrated rewards and surprises drive players to improve their performance and take on challenges. All your sponsors have to do is integrate their offers!

With Waiterz, your guests have much to gain from waiting!

The offer your partners have been waiting for

The Waiterz app provides much more than just mobile entertainment. Secure exceptional visibility for your partners by granting them this sponsorship opportunity. By rewarding players with special offers, exciting contests and even raffles, you help them to forge lasting relationships with your clients while boosting their brands. 

You too can benefit from this exclusive vantage point – use it to share specific information and effective promotions with your guests, which are sure to gain their loyalty. 

A simple and affordable solution

Packages available from $4,000 per month.

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Get to know Waiterz

In the Waiterz universe, otherwise tiresome wait time turns into moments of excitement! Imagine fanciful creatures discreetly making their way into queues, powered by the crowd’s energy. Their mission? To transform wait time into an entertaining adventure where time flies into a whirlwind of fun!

Why choose us?

To guarantee a seamless experience, our team is always at your side providing exceptional customer service.

Our reputation?

We’re known as the most responsive team in the biz. 😉

Give us a try — you’ll see. 

Unhindered innovation

In a constantly evolving industry, virtual solutions are taking over — and our app exemplifies this trend.

Our user-friendly and intuitive application requires no further infrastructure or staffing. Your guests just use their phones to download the free app and voilà! They enter a new and exciting entertainment universe. 

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