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« We’re creators and designers dedicated to the ultimate gamer experience. »

Our creative, innovative team of gamification experts is committed to bringing you one-of-a-kind experiences.

We use our gaming expertise to take what you already offer and make it more fun and entertaining. It’s what we’re known for!

Our strength lies in our ability to understand your situation and business needs. Whether that’s improving your client experience, adding a gaming element to your site or reducing an irritant in your experience, we’ve got a fun concept for you.

Our games offer an interactive approach that address your specific needs. We work around your budget and timeline to design custom experiences that enhance your site, strengthen your image or build customer loyalty.

Whether you’re welcoming visitors to a forest, park, museum, attraction, festival or even a shopping mall, let our team of experts create a one-of-a-kind experience to make their visit even better. 

mission :

To create gaming solutions for your business challenges.  

How ?

Thanks to our simple 3-step creative process:

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Design phase

This is the most important step. It’s when we talk with you and together we decide on the experience, theme, script approaches, type of game and graphic design. All of that goes into creating a fully customized project for you.

At the end of this phase, you’ll know what experience you’ll be giving your visitors.


Production phase

Under the direction of our founder and creative director Dominique, the scriptwriter finalizes the script, the gaming designers create the games and our artistic director brings it all together to create the full experience.  

Everything is tested together, so we can make a few adjustments.


Integration phase

We set up and run the activity based on the parameters confirmed in the first two phases.

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They trusted us.

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