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Just for laughts x charlie tango

During the Just for Laughs Festival from July 20 to 29, 2023 only, festival-goers were invited to the Place des Arts esplanade to discover the first immersive course drawn from the world of François Pérusse.

For the very first time, it was possible to sample a dish from the Snack-bar chez Raymond! Visitors were also invited to sing along to François Pérusse classics at the karaoke bar, have fun with the giant shopping guy’s phone, and smile broadly at the photobooth featuring the famous ski-doo!

Games and challenges to solve with your phone

The installations and scenery featured two courses (one general and one for experts) of captivating games and challenges, in the colors (and above all, the sounds) of François Pérusse's universe.

Case study

Le Carrefour du peuple: immersion in the world of François Pérusse

The story behind the experience

The Just for Laughs production team was looking for designers capable of bringing François Perusse’s universe to life. To take a primarily audio work and transpose it into an interactive set… Quite a challenge! The challenge for our team was to offer an installation that would appeal to die-hard fans, while giving the uninitiated a chance to discover this Quebec artist. It was a difficult balance to strike, but one that delighted festival-goers enormously.

Their business objectives :

  • Innovate by offering an experience guided by a mobile application throughout the festival ;
  • Develop an original project with a sleek design and aesthetic drawn from the world of François Pérusse ;
  • Make the musical culture and universe created by François Pérusse accessible and discoverable to a segment of the population ;
  • Reach out to François Pérusse fans in Montreal and throughout Quebec ;
  • To promote the work of François Pérusse.

A TikTok video with over 40k views!

@charlietangogames Oui, oui, on a reproduit en format géant le téléphone du gars qui magasine! 😂📞 #francoisperusse #montrealcanada #festival ♬ son original - CharlieTangoGames
The experience is divided into 4 stations:

Festival-goers can eat and drink at Snack-bar chez Raymond, sing karaoke, play with a giant telephone by calling François Pérusse’s voicemail and, of course, take a photo with the famous ski-doo!

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