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Case study

The Fairy Quiz

The story behind the experience

As a partner of choice for numerous events across Quebec, the Desjardins caisses have relied on our recognized expertise to elevate the Festival la fée d’Amos experience.

Our mission: to captivate the audience between artists’ performances with distinctive animation true to the Desjardins spirit, while respecting an imperative of operational simplicity.

We therefore designed a custom quiz, perfectly integrated into the festival atmosphere and broadcast on the giant screen on the main stage. The questions, finely crafted to resonate with the festival’s history and culture, as well as the answer choices, invited spontaneous, effortless interaction.

This innovative concept not only entertained the audience in real time, but also reinforced the brand’s presence in a subtle and effective way. The activity generated enthusiastic engagement from festival-goers, transforming them into active participants. The result was a dynamic and memorable experience, an undeniable added value that illustrates our ability to create memorable brand moments without constraints.

Their business goals:

  • Offer festival-goers a new activity, without the need for labor ;
  • Entertain festival-goers while they wait ;
  • Respect and enhance brand presence.

Test your knowledge (only in french)!

Here are the two video parts of the Fairy Quiz.

Play Video
Play Video

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