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Quest case study

La Confrérie Marquette

The story behind the experience

Centre Père Marquette contacted us in fall 2021. They wanted to add new winter recreation activities for local teenagers. The themes they chose were transforming a quarry in a city park as well as creating a community of citizens around the site. 

Their business goals:

  • Develop a self-guided activity for 12–17-year-olds 
  • Showcase the history of parc du Père-Marquette 
  • Include the sponsor (caisse Desjardins)

3 major challenges were met on this quest :

  • Vandalism: We used existing street furniture to set up the visual game elements, including a graffiti-filled steel cabinet in the Skatepark that we used as one of the stations and that participants really enjoyed.
  • Safety: The park is split in two by Rosemont Boulevard, which gets a lot of traffic and doesn’t have an obvious crosswalk. To encourage participants to cross safely, we set up a game station at the traffic light. It’s farther away so we wanted to make it fun!
  • The last (and most important) challenge was to get teens interested and to create games that generated excitement. We incorporated gaming elements they could relate to, like using their cellphone in the game and Tik Tok videos to decode.

An activity that involved more than 2,500 people over 3 months of operation!

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