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Case study

Interactive quiz "Merci de souffler la réponse" by Hydro-Québec

The story behind the experience

The idea for “Merci de Souffler la Réponse” came out of the Hydro-Québec sponsorship team’s desire to make energy efficiency education not only informative, but also fun and engaging for children and their families. By participating in numerous events, the Hydro-Québec team observed that interactive games and physical activities particularly attracted the attention of young people. They wanted to set themselves apart by creating a unique activity that could do without technological tools.

The challenge was to enhance the energy efficiency quiz without changing the questions. So we decided to make it fun to answer the questions by creating a simple, intuitive and fun way to answer them! The aim was to make children realize that taking action to save energy was less demanding than taking the quiz!

This is how the concept of inflating balloons with bicycle pumps to answer the quiz questions was born. This innovative concept was designed to be easily transportable and adaptable to a variety of environments, while being simple to assemble and dismantle.

Project background and mandate:

Hydro-Québec wanted to create an interactive, animated quiz to attract children and their parents to their kiosk at various events. The challenge was to design a 5- to 6-minute educational game without the use of technological tools, allowing children to test their knowledge of energy efficiency.

Target audience: Children aged 8 to 14 and their parents.

Project objectives

  • Interactivity and engagement: attract and maintain the attention of children and their parents.
  • Mobility: the game had to be easily transportable and adaptable to different events.
  • Simple set-up: the game had to be quick and easy to set up.
  • Simultaneous participation: allow 4 to 5 participants to play at the same time, while encouraging parental participation.

The "Merci de souffler la réponse" concept :

The only quiz of its kind of its kind, the “Merci de Souffler la Réponse” quiz allows four children to participate simultaneously and reflect on energy efficiency. The concept is based on a fun and physical approach:

Mechanics of the game

How to answer? To answer the quiz questions, participants have to deploy energy by using a bicycle pump to inflate a balloon inside an open box.

The goal? Inflate the balloon until its top touches the top of the box. The first participant to succeed gets the privilege of answering the question.

And what about the parents? We have no problem with them blurting out the answer!


The “Merci de souffler la réponse” quiz was a real success. Not only did it attract a large number of participants, but it also fulfilled its objectives in terms of engagement and education on energy efficiency. Children enjoyed the physical challenge associated with the game, while parents loved the collaborative and educational aspect.


  • Involvement: strong participation with constant queues at the booth.
  • Education: a better understanding of energy efficiency concepts among young participants.
  • Entertainment: positive feedback from children and parents, highlighting the fun and educational aspects of the quiz.

The “Merci de souffler la réponse” project is more than just a game; it’s an adventure that tests the perseverance and speed of young participants while raising awareness of energy efficiency.

Thanks to its innovative and engaging format, it succeeded in capturing the interest of its target audience and meeting the objectives set by Hydro-Québec.

Concept and design: Charlie Tango games
Manufacturing: Jack World

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