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Quest case study

Opération 350 - Varennes

The story behind the experience

The town of Varennes’s recreation team contacted us in summer 2022 about creating two different custom quests that would highlight the town’s history in a fun new way. 

Their main goal was to offer residents two new free activities to showcase the city’s 350th anniversary: one for families (Operation 350) and the other for teens (The Other Varennes).

Their business goals :

  • Offer self-guided activities to two client groups: families and teens
  • Create a theme and games that would interest teens (such as video material and “escape”-style games)
  • Highlight the city’s 350th anniversary
  • Shine a light on the heritage of old Varennes (Sainte-Anne Basilica, City Hall, Saint-Lawrence River and more)
  • Showcase the history of the City of Varennes

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