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Case study

The Salvatoré Mystery

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The story behind the experience

Our ambition at Charlie Tango Games is to reinvent interaction between brands and their customers through the playful power of games in the world of business.

In the era of the meteoric rise of social networks like TikTok, we’ve developed a playful concept that revolutionizes customer engagement on digital platforms. Why just consume videos when you can turn viewers into active participants?

To bring this vision to life, we needed an ally with a powerful brand identity, a dynamic presence on social networks and, above all, a passion for innovation. Pizza Salvatoré was the obvious choice, and their commitment was sealed with a simple phone call!

The result is the Salvatoré Mystery, a fun, immersive 15-minute experience that starts as soon as you order a pizza. Each box becomes the starting point of the adventure, with a QR code leading to a web-app that accompanies players on their quest.
To unravel the threads of the investigation, participants plunge into Salvatoré’s TikTok universe, where videos specially designed for the game await them.

This innovative initiative is much more than a game; it’s a brand strategy that is changing the way TikTok videos are consumed, by infusing interaction and added value into the customer experience.

Their business goals:

  • Promote their Tiktok account in original ways to increase the reach and engagement of their videos;
  • Respect and reproduce the artistic direction of their videos to create uniformity between the game videos and the other videos on the Tiktok account;
  • Enhance their customers’ experience by offering them a free activity accessible in all restaurants across Quebec;
  • Enhance the brand with an innovative concept;
  • Stand out from the competition.

The activity lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The game is available in Salvatoré medium pizza boxes across Quebec, while supplies last.

Participants must use a smartphone to play and have access to mobile data or wi-fi.

Several prizes will be offered by Salvatoré to those who complete the game. You could even win up to 1 year’s supply of free Salvatoré pizzas! Full contest details can be found at the end of the game.


In the 1980s, as the Pizza Salvatoré franchise expands, a customer receives a strange pizza with pepperoni forming a question mark. Pizza crime investigators soon discover that this is not a special promotion, but the work of a rebellious cook.

Fortunately, the situation was short-lived, and no one heard of another pizza sabotage until… quite recently.

But if there were 12 restaurants in 1987, today there are over 70 branches to investigate in order to find the culprit behind this strange situation.

To help us find the culprit, we’ve called in the world’s foremost pizza crime investigator. He’ll explain your role.



Using your smartphone’s camera, scan the QR code on the bottom of Salvatoré medium pizza boxes.


Click on the link that appears on your screen. You will be redirected to our web application, which will provide you with all the details of the game.


Listen to the videos and read the questions carefully. This is your chance to show off your investigative skills and have fun solving the Salvatoré Mystery!

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