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Quest case study

The Raiders of the lost axe

The story behind the experience

Parc Omega contacted us in spring 2022 about adding a new family activity. They wanted us to create an experience that would shine a light on what’s unique about the park as well as enhance and revitalize an underused trail.

Their business goals:

  • Offer a new bilingual activity for families  
  • Encourage visitors to explore an area that wasn’t getting a lot of traffic  
  • Highlight information about the park’s animals
  • Enhance the visitor experience without the need for staffing

3 major challenges involved in creating this quest:

  • Revitalization: The activity was set up along a trail that’s not often used by park visitors. By adding an experience there, we gave people a good reason to use and enjoy the trail. It was a way to get families to discover or rediscover a whole other area of the park, enhancing and extending their visit. 
  • Free access: The park’s main goal was to add a new self-guided activity. That’s a big part of the appeal of our concepts, since families could enjoy the experience on their own whenever they wanted.

Lack of staffing: Our experience is completely self-guided via our mobile app and doesn’t require any staff. Signs are set up on the trails to lead participants from challenge to challenge.

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