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Quest case study

Where is Morix?

The story behind the experience

In February 2021, La Mauricie National Park contacted us about making one of their walking trails more interesting, which was far away and didn’t get a lot of traffic.

Their business goals:

  • Draw visitors to a trail that’s underused in summer
  • Offer a fantastical story for visitors. (They already had a lot of activities about animals and plants.) 
  • Create a quest that blends in with the surrounding nature

After visiting the site and having many discussions with the Park team, we chose one of the stories the employees shared to create the quest: a family of foxes in Rivière-à-la-Pêche campground. The well-known family is often spotted at campsites throughout the summer, to the amazement and delight of campers of all ages who’ve heard about the foxes and hope they’re lucky enough to see them.

Based on this anecdote, we had the idea to create an entirely new character, the Morix, a creature that at one time would have been the park darling. But since the family of foxes stole the show, bitter Morix has been living alone for the last 20 years. The mission: find the Morix and convince him to come back to liven up the park!  

We quickly developed a design document and presented it to the committee, including a synopsis of the quest along with the description, how it works and a visual of 5 game stations. Based on the initial positive feedback, we knew the quest would impress participants and spark their imagination.

The game was a big hit and the park was happy to extend it to summer 2022.


Over 21,200 people had fun looking for Morix in summer 2021!

From idea to execution

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