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Quest case study

Wild Challenges

The story behind the experience

Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien contacted us in spring 2022 about creating some new experiences for visitors. We developed three different custom concepts for them: a Quest to Go throughout the site, an escape game in a transitional space along with a virtual game to keep visitors entertained while they’re waiting in line for the popular boreal train ride.

Their business goals :

  • Offer an additional family activity
  • Allow visitors to explore all areas of the site in a fun, distinctive way 
  • Highlight information about the zoo’s animals and history
  • Entertain visitors as they wait to board the boreal train
  • Add a game to a transitional space
  • Enhance their experiences without the need for extra staff

Various experiences available

Wild Challenges

Are you ready to unleash your inner animal?

Did you know animals are stimulated through various games as they’re finding food, expending energy or just having fun?

We were inspired by the play animals at Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien actually engage in to develop the Wild Challenges quest. Through various game stations set up at different areas of the site, participants can compare their abilities to those of the zoo’s animals. 

For example, visitors can compare their strength to an Amur tiger’s and can see how agile they are compared to a polar bear. Each area includes a game and quiz questions that let visitors explore a whole new world. The experience is self-guided through our mobile app and doesn’t require any staffing.

Nursery 2.0

Become a zoo assistant!

This escape game is divided into 3 steps and is inspired by something that really happened: the time the entire team took turns feeding a baby camel who was unable to nurse from its mother. 

Participants have 7 minutes max to successfully complete the challenge: prepare the milk to feed the baby animals in the nursery!

This game is set up in a transitional space that wouldn’t otherwise be used. It’s an original way to repurpose and make the most of the site space.

We also incorporated historical elements into the game so participants could learn more about the zoo in a fun, playful way. The experience was run on our mobile app and the attraction didn’t have to provide any staff.

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Panda Express

Win while waiting!

Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien is known for their train ride through Parc des sentiers de la nature. Of course, when an activity is that amazing, it means the wait line is really long.

The Zoo was looking for an original way to distract visitors while they waited in line, so we recommended customizing our Waiterz concept. Our fun Panda Express virtual game makes the time fly by.

Develop your own custom experience!