Looking for a free outdoor activity during spring break?

We invite you to dive into the world of the Golden Snowflake!

Welcome to all budding adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts! To make your spring break fun, we’re offering a free activity that combines nature, fun and the captivating legend of the Golden Snowflake.

Our Quests to Go are specially designed for families with children aged 7 and over, offering a fun and stimulating outdoor experience. These outdoor trails are completely free of charge. Approximately one hour of activity will immerse your family in an adventure where reflection, puzzles and fun combine for a memorable outing.

To take part, all you have to do is go to one of the cities listed on queststogo.com/activites, to the specified starting point. Only one person per group needs to download the mobile app, where questions will be asked and answers validated. Clues cleverly scattered along the trails will guide you through the adventure.

The Legend of the Golden Snowflake : An exciting winter challenge
This spring break, immerse yourself in the Legend of the Golden Snowflake, an experience that challenges your family with trials, puzzles and games. According to legend, the exceptionally rare Golden Snowflake falls from the sky once every 100 years. According to the research of the great adventurer Strombolini, only those who prove to the forest guardians that they possess and master the essential values of a good adventurer will have the chance to see it.

Are you up to the challenge? Get ready to experience a thrilling interactive winter adventure and demonstrate your adventurous skills. You’ll have a maximum of 60 minutes before the Golden Snowflake disappears, only to reappear in another century!

Where to live the adventure
Visit one of the towns offering the Golden Snowflake course. For more details on the activity, visit the city’s website.

We invite you to create memories with your family, enjoy the great outdoors and take up the Golden Snowflake challenge! Adventure awaits, so come and discover this unique and exciting experience.